World Espresso Championship

Get ready for the World Espresso Championship – an invite only knock out style competition for national champions with a €5000 cash prize.

The competition is a multi-round, elimination tournament. In each round, two randomly chosen competitors prepare espresso simultaneously.

Competitors have 15 minutes to dial in/calibrate their espresso (set up time). They will then have 6 minutes in which to prepare, extract, and present four single espressos in identical vessels (comp time). When the time is up, three of the espressos are presented to a panel of three judges (each of the three judges receives 2 espressos – 1 espresso from each competitor). The fourth espresso is for the competitor (thats right – finally a barista comp where the baristas can taste the same espresso that the judges taste!)

The judges blindly evaluate each espresso and make their own private assessment as to which is the best. There is no scoresheet or formal judging criteria. Judges are simply answering: “Which espresso would I prefer to drink?”

On the count of three, all judges simultaneously point to their preferred coffee. The winner progresses to the next round. The loser is eliminated.

The winner of the final round will receive €5000!

Event will kick off at 4pm with the winner being crowned around 8:30pm, and celebrated with an after party!

Spectator tickets are $10 (AUD) and include food and 2 complimentary drinks (incredible value!)

See you there!